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Team "Flying Geese"
photograph by Grace Wilson


The Far North Quilt Trail, Alaska's first barn quilt trail, was founded in Fairbanks, Alaska in 2019.

An artist led endeavor of creative place making by visual artist Somer Hahm, the Far North Quilt Trail is designed to ignite the eyes and minds of Fairbanks and the surrounding area with vibrant geometric paintings of quilt block designs. A city wide scavenger hunt for public art, the Far North Quilt Trail welcomes community involvement and provides a platform for anyone interested in participating in this new American Folk Art movement.  

Please check out the map of the quilt trail, which can be followed both virtually and in person. Click on the pins to discover more about each barn quilt.


*Please note that some barn quilts registered on the Far North Quilt Trail are NOT accessible to the public. A select few are located at private residences, please enjoy images and information about these paintings online.

Thank you! 

Far North Quilt Trail - Fairbanks

Far North Quilt Trail - Anchorage/Mat - Su

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