Storm at Sea

August 2019

Chloe and Chris have been great friends and supporters of the Far North Quilt Trail Project since its inception in the summer of 2019. Living in this amazing house, they had ample room on the exterior entry to place a large 8 x 8 ft quilt.


The momentum to create this "Storm at Sea" occurred after Chris built a dance floor for their youngest daughters ballerina birthday party, and we realized it was the perfect size for the barn quilt of their dreams. Chloe picked the pattern, and we began by priming the surface. Chloe based the colors based off a square of fabric that she had used to cover her piano bench.


Once the painting begun, this quilt was quickly finished and installed in September 2019. Since this residence it at the end of a long private driveway, the quilt will not be included on the barn quilt tour. So please enjoy photos of the finished quilt here. 

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