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painted by Claire
July 2024

Mathews Fireweed 1.jpg

Claire painted this lovely fireweed barn quilt in a workshop hosted by artist  Somer Hahm at the Folk School of Fairbanks in June 2024. Claire was a volunteer for a workshop with the Folk School in 2021 that facilitated the creation a large scale public art installation with 24 youth artists called the Folk Quilt. 

"I'd been enjoying seeing colorful quilts pop up all over town. I love the idea of a community art project that is both public and private. There's always something you haven't seen yet! So I volunteered to help with the kids workshop in 2021 when they created the Folk quilt. The first time I saw an adult class, I signed up. I had no plan until 11:30 the night before when I got out of bed and drew this fireweed idea... I wanted it to be reminiscent of geometric quilt blocks but recognizably Alaskan" - Claire

The artwork makes a stunning addition to her home, and is viewable from Loftus Drive in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Matthews Fireweed 2.jpg
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