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Somer Hahm

photograph by Grace Wilson 

I’m pleased to introduce you to the Far North Quilt Trail Project. My practice of creative place making is designed to ignite the eyes and minds of Fairbanks, Alaska and surrounding communities with vibrant public art. The Far North Quilt Trail, Alaska’s first barn quilt trail, has established accessible site-specific artworks that have ultimately shaped and changed the visual landscape of our community.


A new American Folk Art movement, these large scale geometric paintings of quilt block designs placed on the sides of barns and other buildings are now found nationwide. A self-guided touring trail of public art, the quilt trail has positively impacted our areas by bringing attention to significant architecture, honoring familial heritage, and generating commerce by ushering in tourism.


A highly collaborative approach, each proposal is grounded in listening. Every barn quilt is unique to its location requiring research, brainstorming and team-building with partnering organizations and local businesses. Since its inception in 2019, forty-five quilts have been added to the trail stretching statewide, from Fairbanks to Ketchikan, with twenty-nine of those quilts painted by community members.


The great strength and value of this project is its accessible nature. Whereas some public art is commissioned and can be made of expensive materials, this project has community engagement at its center where the designs, materials, locations and most importantly - the intentions circle around inclusivity. 


Registration is free and open to the public Please contact for more information, commission inquiries and questions.

Thank you! 

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Somer Hahm

Founder/Creative Director

of the Far North Quilt Trail Project

Somer Hahm is a visual artist living and making work in Fairbanks Alaska since 2005. Interested in creating a sustainable arts career in the interior, and motivated to build community through inclusive and accessible public art, she founded the Far North Quilt Trail Project in the July of 2019. 

You can find out more about Somer at or contact her today at

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