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Wiedeman Quilt

by Margaret Wiedman

June 18, 2020

Weidman Barn Quilt.JPG

"A friend from Iowa told me about barn quilts, but did not mention that they were done on wood and then hung. I decided I wanted one but just painted it on the side of the building that houses our motorhome and boat. It is four log cabin blocks, which actually form a large pinwheel, with an "appliqué" of a sunflower on the left side, flying geese across the top, and pinwheels on the right side. I chose these patterns because we live in a log home, and for the motion to carry the eye around the entire project. Quilting buddies came out one day and painted leaves and smaller flowers on the sunflower appliqué, and there is room for more to be added as friends visit. Small groups are welcome to visit; park in the cul-de-sac and walk up the driveway to take a look."

 - Margaret Wiedeman

Thank you Margaret, for your lovely addition to the Far North Quilt Trail! 

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