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Double Star
July 2021

Double Star 1.JPG

Double Star is located in an idyllic Fairbanks neighborhood on a backyard shed owned by barn quilt enthusiast Clara Anderson. Clara heard about the Far North Quilt Trail and reached out for a personalized commissioned piece. I met with Clara, and she showed me her extensive quilt collection made by beloved family members and shared with me that her favorite color is green.


I color designed this "double star" block and began painting. Double Star was a total of 9 hours of labor from start to finish over the course of several days.


Thank you for participating in the trail and for supporting a local visual artist Clara! 

Double Star 5.JPG
Double Star 4.JPG
Double Star 3.JPG

Birdie and Sam made a good friend out of next door neighbor Amane!

Double Star 2.JPG

Concept proposal to in real life! 

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