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Spinning Star
painted by Jackie Veats
August 2023

Jackie Vates 2.jpg
Jackie Vates.jpg

I picked my design of a spinning star because it suggested movement to me. I am a quilter, this is my first try at barn quilts. I made two 24” x 24” barn quilts, same design but painted the opposite of one another. I painted both white, then drew the design. I used yellow tape to tape off the design to get the straight color lines. Both have two coats of each color, then two coats of a transparent spray for weather protection. Both barn quilts were attached with screws. This was my first attempt at making barn quilts. I really enjoyed making them!!!

One is located off the Dalton Highway in the village of Wiseman, Alaska. It is attached to my 1910 cabin. The second one is at my home, attached to my “geezer garden” (raised bed) in the front of the house in Fairbanks, Alaska. - Jackie Veats

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